Service Times

Sunday School – 10am

Worship Service – 11am

Evening Service – 6pm

Evening Service – 7pm

Nursery Provided for All Services

Visits: 11156


Welcome to Live Oak Baptist Church

Our mission is to preach and teach the gospel (I Corinthians 15:1-4) according to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) to those around us. We are a called-out assembly of Bible-believing baptized believers who hold to sound doctrine as given in the Holy Word of God in the King James Bible.

Our church is an old-fashioned, Independent, Fundamental, Mission minded, King James Bible believing, Baptist Church.

The purpose of this church is to provide a place to assemble together as a called out assembly of Born-Again believers for Bible study, prayer, worship, and the working for the salvation of the lost souls. To administer the ordinances of the New Testament that include the LORD’S Supper and Baptism; to maintain the ministry of preaching and teaching the word of God; proclaiming the gospel of the LORD Jesus Christ both at home and abroad for the salvation of the souls of lost men as well as for the spiritual growth of believers, to perform as expressed in the church covenant.

We are:

  • Independent – Jesus Christ is our only head.
  • Missionary minded – We support several missionaries around the world.
  • Unaffiliated – Although we cooperate with other Baptist churches of like faith and convictions, we are not part of any fellowship, convention or other man-made organization.
  • Separated – Our congregation desires to please God alone and therefore strives to keep our lives separate from sinful and worldly practices and habits.
  • Evangelistic – We believe Jesus Christ gave the Great Commission to the Church to reach the lost and disciple the converted in Matthew 28:18-20

The Results of Soul Winning